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[..] purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or material object.

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pi2: internet2

Hello, my name is Cyprian, I am a web solutions designer and web technologies consultant, and I will be your host on this web site.

What is this site about?

This web site was created and has been developed mainly as my portfolio site but my aspiration is to put more content here so eventually it could become more useful for others and it truly could contribute to world wide thought flow.

Who am I?

A few words about myself: I graduated from Wrocław University of Economics, in Poland, in 2006 from faculty of Management and Computer Science, with specialization in Management Econometrics, therefore my educational and theoretical background is more economical- and management-oriented, which actually is good because it gives me better perspective and business related matters. Also subjects like philosophy or sociology gave me a lot of perspective on life- and people-related things, which is really useful in real life.

Yet, my practical knowledge is focused on Internet and web technologies since I perceive it as the most important invention by human so far because it greatly enhanced way of passing and transforming our thoughts and knowledge.

Enjoy it!

I hope you will enjoy this site and find it really helpful.
Any suggestions and thoughts? Please feel free to contact me!